About Us

Aegyo Apparel was created to recontextualize hallyu culture through parody corporate clothing designs to foster critical discourse around the consumption of K-Pop culture from an American lens.

Aegyo Apparel gives us a concise interpolation of consumable objects, and how they interact with the society around them. It is a web of multiplicities; tying in the nature of materialism with the hyper-commodification of Korean idols. The interpolation of transliterated archetypal schematic memetics in the eponymous “Aegyo Apparel” is a transverse reflection on the obsession with optics  inherently transfixed in late-stage anthropocentric capitalism. These semiotic strategies compel us to (de)familiarize our collective experience with the pop culture image/object, thereby deconstructing its seemingly quotidian, prosaic tendencies.

“Aegyo Apparel” uses aesthetic forms of hegemonic capitalism to aggressively question the state of infinite commodification to deconstruct and subvert it into a lifestyle brand at the intersection of low culture and high abstraction.


Aegyo Apparel is a design-forward QPOC-owned minority-led business based in Los Angeles, California. We're passionate about diversity and inclusivity in design, as well as making a positive impact for the AAPI and LGBTQ+ community. Every purchase made to Aegyo Apparel directly helps support the Asian-American Community and helps to Stop Asian Hate.